Miriam P. Schmedtmann

Managing Partner

# Dynamic senior professional with >20 years experience in business consulting and product/project management focused on telco and mobile communications and service industries
# Combines strategic approach and analytic knowledge with deep understanding of markets, processes, marketing and technology
# Proven competence in managing projects and leading people with an entrepreneurial and motivating leadership style
# Speaks 4 languages and worked in 5 countries for a longer period
# Integrating communicator with a keen sense for intercultural teams
# Passionate about service excellence

Professional emphasis
# Profit and loss responsibility, product and services portfolio development, sales and marketing control
# International project management and inlife management of customer service and care processes, customer loyalty programs, branding and communication
# Business development, new business models, business process analysis and outsourcing, product and operations

Technical emphasis
# Business process modeling, process analysis and management, product development, marketing and management, key account management, customer relationship management (CRM), project management and interims management

Telco / mobile communications, service industry, travel industry, logistics / distribution, eCommerce